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Kerry Promotes Plug-In Car Technology

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Sen. John Kerry today said that alternative vehicle technology could one day make it possible for many Americans to commute to work with a fraction of the gas they use now. Kerry said companies like A123 Systems, based in Watertown, MA, are quickly moving to offer consumers the option of plugging their car into a socket to avoid using gas for short rides. Yesterday, Kerry's proposal to encourage alternative plug-in technology was formally agreed to by the Senate Finance Committee. Kerry appeared outside the Capitol today with Senate leaders to tout this advanced vehicle technology on the heels of votes this week to provide incentives for the production and purchase of this environmentally friendly technology.

"Plug-in car technology offers a blueprint for clean, efficient, affordable driving and it should be widely available to consumers very soon," Kerry said. "I don't know of anyone who isn't interested in getting 150 miles to the gallon with their car and that could soon be a reality. The American people are ready for advanced auto technologies, and companies like A123 Systems are ahead of the curve, giving hybrid drivers the option of actually running their cars on battery for the majority of their daily commute. This is exactly the type of technology that we will promote by passing strong CAFE standards this week in the energy bill."

The A123 technology was originally developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The company uses high-power lithium ion batteries that deliver previously unattainable levels of power, safety and life.

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