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Fallin Speaks Out Against Funding For Foreign Pro-Abortion Groups

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Fallin Speaks Out Against Funding For Foreign Pro-Abortion Groups

U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin, R - Oklahoma, and several other Pro-Life Congresswomen spoke out today against the pro-abortion measures placed in the latest Congressional spending bill. The State Foreign/Operations Appropriations bill would authorize U.S. taxpayer money to support international organizations that practice or advocate abortion as a method of "family planning." Under the Mexico City Policy, originally instated by President Reagan, those organizations were previously barred from receiving U.S. assistance.

The Mexico City Policy does not affect funding for family planning programs that do not promote abortion, nor does it affect the overall funding levels for HIV/AIDS prevention.

Fallin spoke out against the policy change, arguing that Americans should not be paying for foreign abortions.

"When a bill forces the taxpayers of the United States to pay for or promote abortions across the world, then I cannot support it. This legislation compels U.S. citizens to fund practices that defy their religious and moral beliefs and deny the right to life to the world's unborn children."

Fallin discussed how abortion has been used as a means of population control in other nations and argued that it would be wrong for the U.S. to fund such practices. In China, for example, reports have cited instances of government coerced late term abortions, used to keep population levels low. In India, studies have suggested that more than 10 million unborn baby girls have been killed by sex-selective abortions.

Fallin said, "I am disturbed that some Members of Congress would use federal funds to support pro-abortion organizations in foreign countries, even after hearing stories of coerced abortions and the systematic killing of female fetuses in other nations. We should not support family planning agencies that do not respect the sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn."

Fallin and the other Pro-Life Congresswomen went on to offer their endorsement of the bipartisan Smith/Stupak amendment, which would restore the Mexico City Policy and bar international pro-abortion groups from receiving taxpayer dollars.

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