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AP: McCain to Push GOP on Government Reform

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AP: McCain to Push GOP on Government Reform

By Liz Sidoti

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain is promising to hold Cabinet chiefs accountable for ensuring the integrity of their agencies and proposing to withhold money from government programs that don't meet performance expectations.

"It is essential to our party's success, and to the nation's honor that we claim sincerely the mantle of reform," the Arizona Republican says in a speech he plans to give Monday at the Oklahoma statehouse in Oklahoma City.

"We were elected the majority in Congress thirteen years ago for that reason more than any other: to reform the way government is funded and structured, and to hold it accountable for its ability or inability to address the serious challenges of our time," McCain says, six months after Republicans lost power of the House and Senate.

His aides released excerpts of the speech Sunday. It comes as Washington is consumed with scandals at the Justice Department and the World Bank.

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