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Anti-Environment Bush Turns Double Play for Special Interests

Location: Washington, DC

Loggers and Air Polluters Benefit Under New Bush Policies

December 03, 2003

For Immediate Release
Washington, D.C. -

Today, George W. Bush has again put the interests of polluters, and big corporations that contribute to his campaign over the health of everyday Americans. He has demonstrated that he does not care that he's polluting the air that we breathe and the water we drink. When it comes to poor environmental protection records, George W. Bush is without peers.

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry released the following statement:

"Today we were given another stark reminder that George W. Bush does not care that he's polluting our air, water, and lands if it means helping out the corporate interests behind his campaign. When it comes to poor environmental protection records, George W. Bush is without peers.

"This morning, Bush signed into law the so-called 'Healthy Forests' initiative that takes a chainsaw to public forests in the name of protecting them. We must modernize our nation's forest fire policy and reduce fire risk in the "red zone" - areas where the fire risk to people and homes is the greatest. That means targeting federal resources and logging activities where the danger is greatest. But we can do it without handing over forest policy to Boise Cascade or Weyerhaeuser.

"I am also outraged that one of the first actions by the new Administrator of the Bush Environmental Protection Agency will be to gut regulations that reduce mercury emissions and other toxic pollutants; a move that will pollute our air and reward the coal industry at the expense of the health of children and pregnant women.

"As a proven defender of the Clean Air Act, my administration will protect public health and the environment and grow the economy, not destroy both to benefit special interests and the wealthy. We need a president that will go to bat for the environment to protect the health of all Americans, not one that turns a double play for special interests and leaves the rest of us down and out."

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