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Brownback Concerned by Pelosi Comment on Life-Destroying Research

Press Release

Location: Alexandria, VA

Brownback Concerned by Pelosi Comment on Life-Destroying Research

Senator Sam Brownback today voiced his concern over recent comments by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that likened embryonic stem cell research to "a gift from God" and described it as "biblical in its power to cure."

"The greatest gift from God is life itself, not a controversial form of life-destroying research," said Brownback. "The destruction of innocent human life for research is incompatible with the Ten Commandments and other core biblical principles. I call on my fellow Republican candidates to stand by our principles as the party of life and reiterate our opposition to unethical embryonic stem cell research."

Brownback also noted that embryonic stem cell research is an overly-hyped hope for people with certain chronic diseases, adding that "controversial and immoral embryonic stem cell research has lead to zero cures, while ethical adult stem cell research has yielded over 72 peer-reviewed treatments and applications."

In the U.S. Senate, Brownback has championed research derived from adult stem cells and umbilical cord blood and has proposed tripling federal funds for this ethical alternative to life-destroying embryonic stem cell research.

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