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Bob's Weekly Report: An Energy Policy For The 21st Century


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Bob's Weekly Report: An Energy Policy For The 21st Century

Energy is vital to every sector of the U.S. economy, including homes, small businesses and industries. Energy powers computers, appliances, technology and the Internet and fuels transportation and farming processes. When energy supplies are tight, families and businesses are severely impacted by the resulting increase in energy costs. High energy prices and a deteriorating energy infrastructure have caused home heating bills to skyrocket and forced some U.S. manufacturers to slow production, lay off workers or even go out of business.

The need for a comprehensive energy bill has never been more apparent. We've grown dangerously dependent on foreign oil sources as gas prices continue to escalate and threaten our economic security. Just last week House Republicans announced a comprehensive energy policy for the 21st century.

The House Republican Energy Working Group, which I am honored to be a part of, proposed an American energy security plan that puts innovative, forward-thinking energy solutions into action by expanding and encouraging the use of renewable and alternative American fuels, funding research and development of new and innovative energy technologies, and increasing energy efficiency and conservation to reduce consumption and protect our environment.

With American's paying an average of $3.15 at the gas pump, we must diversify our energy supplies with alternative fuels, including renewable energy from our farms and forests. Today, only 6% of our energy supply comes from renewable sources. We can do better.

Specifically our proposal allows us to expand the use of home-grown and home-produced energy, including fully utilizing nuclear, clean coal technologies, and renewable energy, to lessen our dangerous dependence on foreign energy.

Additionally, this initiative provides us with the tools to develop new and innovative energy technologies. It encourages the development of next-generation vehicles, such as plug-in hybrids. It creates a program for energy storage solutions to keep America's electricity sector strong and stable.

Finally, the Republican proposal moves us toward stewardship of the energy we use by increasing conservation and providing tax incentives for the development and deployment of energy efficient technologies.
Affordable energy is the key to innovation and a strong economy. We must continue to secure abundant and affordable supplies of energy to move our nation forward. For lasting energy conservation and production, we must increase America's energy security by making the nation less dependent on foreign oil.

We cannot stand idly by as foreign countries conspire to gouge American consumers. As we lean more heavily on foreign countries for oil, we risk losing the independence, strength, and security that have been the hallmarks of our nation. Through a comprehensive energy policy based on exploration, innovation, and conservation, we can grow our economy, create quality jobs, and make America stronger.

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