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Newsletter - Senate Immigration Bill


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Newsletter - Senate Immigration Bill

Dear Friends,

Many of you have called or e-mailed me about the immigration bill that was proposed in the Senate last week. I do not support this bill as it is written and want to share some of my concerns with you.

First, the bill would allow the 20 million or so immigrants who have come here illegally to live here legally with a quick background check when there are thousands of people who have been trying to come here legally through the system and have been waiting in line for months if not years. I have no confidence that this could be done in a competent way.

The bill would increase the number of green cards issued each year for immigrant family members to 440,000, four times the current amount, despite the fact that they system is already backlogged. That means that over the next decade, we would have eight million families coming here instead of two million.

I agree with holding employers responsible when they hire people who come here illegally, but we need to ensure a reliable identification system first, which we don't have.

Our immigration system has problems that need addressing. However, the first step to solving the problem is to better enforce the laws we have on the books and protect our border. This bill offers very little more than we are doing today.

Taking these initial steps will help strengthen the system we already have in place. Once we have a properly functioning system in place is the appropriate time to address the additional immigration issues.


Kay Granger

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