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Kennedy, Kyl, Feinstein, Spector, Graham On Immigration

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


Today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy was joined by Senators Jon Kyl, Dianne Feinstein, Arlen Specter, and Lindsey Graham to discuss the immigration reform bill.

Below are Senator Kennedy's remarks.

(As delivered)

"This morning I'm reminded of the 1967 Boston Red Sox team, the impossible dream team, that was behind for a good part of the season, but came roaring back and grabbed victory out of the jaws of defeat.

And that is what we intend to do with the immigration bill.

We are not giving up. We are not giving in. I'm encouraged by what the leaders said last evening: that they have every intention of continuing the immigration bill on the front order of business for the agenda of the United States Senate.

The American people expect us to legislate. I think all of us here look at the Senate the old-fashioned way, and that is that we are here to get something done, to achieve the people's business. And the people's business demand action on immigration.

As has been mentioned many times, the borders are broken, the immigration system are broken. People are living in fear and terror. There needs to be enforcement of the law. And there needs to be fairness and a humane policy to treat people.

The United States Senate, I believe, is a chemical place. There's a flow to activity here. The tide comes in and goes out. And once in a while, the stars get lined up correctly, and we move ahead.

That moment can't be manufactured. And it always takes more time than you think.

It isn't an open-ended commitment, but it takes a lot of patience to get things done here in the United States Senate. And it's those that are determined and committed that are able to be successful in moving the process and moving it forward.

I thought the statements on the floor of the Senate last night were extremely encouraging, in the sense that so many of our colleagues and friends from both sides of the aisle spoke about a future where a successful passage of the legislation was something that's on their agenda and which they would support.

And that is what today is really about: our strong commitment to follow the challenge of our leaders in the Republican and Democratic side and to continue our march toward progress in terms of achieving something that is clearly in the national interest -- our national security interest -- and is true to the great humane sense of decency and fairness that this nation is so proud of."

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