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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

IMMIGRATION -- (Senate - June 06, 2007)


Mr. KENNEDY. Mr. President, I thank our leader, someone who has been interested, along with many others, in the immigration issue, for the leadership he has provided in making sure the Senate was going to take up this issue. He had announced in January of this year that he was going to take a time for the Judiciary Committee to consider this legislation but that he was going to allocate 2 weeks of time, which was basically the time we took on the last bill, but it was a major period of time to consider the people's business regarding this issue. He has been accommodating in terms of working through the Senate's schedule. For all of us who are interested in getting a bill, we thank him for all he has done in terms of encouraging us to reach judgments on these various measures.

As he has mentioned, we have made very important and significant progress, and I think there is a strong mood in the Senate, as there is in the country, that this is an extremely important issue. We are increasingly close to trying to at least make a recommendation to the country about what the Senate's judgment will be on this issue.

I join with him, as others, to say we are eager to move ahead during the day today and tomorrow and to work with the leadership. I know they have full schedules. I do think we are making significant progress and it is being done in a bipartisan spirit with a desire that those who have differing views about this issue can come together and do the Nation's business. When we achieve that, hopefully by the end of this week, both the Senator from Nevada and the Senator from Kentucky will be very much appreciated for their support in helping this legislation move ahead.

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