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Public Statements - Tommy Thompson Makes GOP Campaign Official

News Article

Location: Unknown - Tommy Thompson Makes GOP Campaign Official


Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson officially announced his candidacy for president today, meeting in Clive with about 200 supporters.

Thompson's event at the 7 Flags Event Center, just after noon, followed a similar event in Wisconsin this morning.

After being introduced by longtime friend and former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, Thompson spoke about issues such as Iraq, renewable energy, healthcare, education and taxes.

He proposed a "three-step" plan for Iraq to ensure that "our troops can leave sooner rather than later."

Thompson said the first step was to ask the Iraq government to vote on whether they want a U.S. military presence in their country.

"If the government says we should pull out, we should pull out," he said, adding that he didn't think that is how the Iraq government would vote.

To "heal the wounds with our global neighbors," Thompson proposed sending six student doctors from each of the United States' top medical universities on ships to impoverished countries to provide health care.

He proposed adding a flat tax choice for U.S. citizens that would allow taxpayers to choose a lower amount, whether it be the flat tax or what citizens currently pay.

Indianola hay farmer Craig Milligan traveled with his mother, Betty, to watch Thompson speak.

"I think he has a lot of good common sense," Craig Milligan said. "He's not flashy, but that's not what we need.

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