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Portsmouth Herald - Romney's Plan

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Location: Unknown

Portsmouth Herald - Romney's Plan

By: Susan Morse

"Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told local law enforcement they played a crucial role in homeland security and needed better communication from the federal government to prevent another 9-11.

"'Local law enforcement plays a critical role,' said Romney, 'to determine if terrorist activities are afoot.'

"The former Massachusetts governor who serves on the President's Homeland Security Advisory Council supports increasing military spending by $40 billion to $50 billion.

"Romney addressed the Rockingham County Chiefs of Police Thursday morning in a meeting closed to the public at the Galley Hatch Conference Center.

"He later held a press conference, stressing the need to bring local law enforcement into communication with federal agencies. Romney supports a 'fusion center' such as one created in the Commonwealth, for the gathering, analyzing and dissemination of terrorist-related information.

"'It's critical now in gathering data for the field,' Romney told reporters. '... (to make) the connection between Washington and local law enforcement more smooth.'"


"Rockingham County Sheriff Dan Linehan supports Romney. 'I've been on board with him since last spring,' he said.

"Romney has natural leadership, said Linehan, and carries no baggage." ...

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