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Fox News - Transcript


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Fox News - Transcript

FOX NEWS' ALAN COLMES: "Can you help us understand what specifically it was that made you change your view on that?"

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "First, what I found interesting is, had I been pro-life and then changed to pro-choice, no one would ask the question."

FOX NEWS' SEAN HANNITY: "That's a great point."

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "But it's - if you go in the other direction, as I have and as Ronald Reagan did and Henry Hyde and George Herbert Walker Bush, it's like the media can't get enough of how - why did you change?"

COLMES: "People think because it's an election year conversion."

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "But no one ever asks that if they go the other way. There's always, like well, you've come to the side of light. The truth is, being governor and before I was governor, this is something I thought about, we discussed as a family, I discussed with my staff. We talked about the concerns.

"And the point where it sort of went over the edge for me and, of course, it's not just - didn't just come up for the first time but went over the edge is we were having this debate on cloning. And I could see where the Roe v. Wade devaluation of human life had led. It had led to a point where people were beginning to say, 'Hey, now we're going to start cloning embryos.' It's like wait a second. This really is going too far."

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