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Winter Haven News Chief - Mitt Romney Makes Stop In Polk County To Tout Key Issues

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Winter Haven News Chief - Mitt Romney Makes Stop In Polk County To Tout Key Issues

By: Shelly Godefrin

"Mitt Romney, presidential contender for the Republican Party, spoke before guests of the Republican Party of Polk County on Thursday night at The Lakeland Center.

"'We've faced extraordinary challenges as a nation,' Romney said. 'I'm convinced our future is as bright as our past.'"


"'We have domestic challenges. We're spending too much money.'

"Romney added that America is using too much oil and the country needs to find a way to become energy-independent.

"'Schools aren't up to snuff,' Romney said. 'We can improve the quality of education by treating teachers as professionals.'

"Romney quickly went on to healthcare and said 45 million people in America are without healthcare.

"'Don't go for socialized medicine and don't accept "Hilary-care,"' Romney said.

"Romney touched on the subject of immigration, briefly explaining his three points on strengthening immigration reform.

"'We as a party welcome immigration,' Romney said. 'We love immigration and we love people coming over here from other countries that bring in skills and cultures that match our own.'

"In order for the immigration system to work, Romney said America has to secure its borders, have an employment verification system and not give illegal immigrants an advantage over those who have waited in line to become citizens."


"'The ability of America to rise to the occasion is all rooted in the heart, the passion and the spirit of the American people,' Romney said. 'America will always be the hope of the world.'"

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