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Register Correspondent - Tommy Thompson Stresses Fiscal Credentials

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Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Register Correspondent - Tommy Thompson Stresses Fiscal Credentials


Republican presidential candidate Tommy Thompson pitched his record today as a fiscal conservative who as governor of Wisconsin vetoed nearly 2,000 bills to scale back spending.

"I changed the attitude and I reduced taxes," said Thompson while campaigning in Iowa, fresh off a red-eye flight from the first Republican debate in California Thursday.
Thompson said he would take that same approach into the Oval Office and push for line-item veto power to trim "pork" in federal spending bills.

"We have a spending problem in Washington and the president has to be able to stand up and say no," he told the nearly 150 people packed into a dimly lit dining room.

On Iraq, he condemned efforts in Congress to establish timelines or cut off funding for the conflict.

"As long as we have one soldier in harm's way, it's our duty to support them," Thompson said. "What the Democrats are doing is just not right."

That opinion was well received by Carol Golden, who called herself a "recovering Democrat."

"I agree with him on pretty much everything," the Marion resident said. "He's got the right idea of staying and not waving the surrender flag."

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