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Newton Daily News - Romney makes a campaign stop at DMACC

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Newton Daily News - Romney makes a campaign stop at DMACC

By: Jessica Lowe

"Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made an early morning stop in Newton today.

"The former governor of Massachusetts met with a group of area voters at DMACC Newton campus to share his vision for the country if he is elected to the White House in 2008 and discuss hot button issues including stem cell research, the environment, the Iraq war and family values.


"After touching on strengthening American families, Romney also discussed the need to strengthen the American border.

"'There are things America does that is real hard but stopping illegal immigration is not hard,' Romney said. 'First we need a wall or a barrier. Second we need an employment verification system. ... If companies hire (illegal immigrants) anyway then we go after them aggressively.'"


"The topic of the Iraq war briefly came up in Romney' statements, and he told his Newton audience that America's soldiers need more support to complete their mission.

"'Our soldiers are going on missions in aircraft that are 28 years old. We would never fly in aircraft that old. They need better equipment,' he said.

"Before taking audience questions Romney encouraged his supporters to attend the straw poll vote on Aug. 11 in Ames and vote for him in the upcoming Iowa caucuses.

"'I know there are other people who will come by and see you, don't waste your time,' Romney joked with the crowd. 'Actually get to know them all, but vote for me.'"...

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