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Veterans Have Romney's Ear

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Veterans Have Romney's Ear

By: Cutter Mitchell

"Romney, met by a full house, talked with the veterans in attendance not only about veterans' affairs and military stance, but the condition of the country and where it is headed with respect to things like energy and immigration.

"'These Americans that are willing to put themselves in harm's way for their country should know that their country will take care of them when they come home,' Romney said.

"Romney, who maintains a residence in Wolfeboro just up the road from Alton, explained that, embedded in the Veterans Administration and most other aspects of federal government there is an enormous amount of inefficiency.

"'We need to take some of the efficiencies of the private sector and put them to use in Washington,' said Romney."


"Looking to such problems and those that a new generation of veterans entering the system will face, Romney said it is more important than ever to have a handle on programs for veterans.

"That is a sentiment that State Senator Joseph Kenney, R-Wakefield, could not agree with or personally understand more.

"Lt. Colonel Kenney, of whom Romney is a constituent, served in Iraq from September 2005 to February 2006. Based on his experience with those soon-to-become veterans, he explained that the number of veterans returning from the battlefield and the issues they face are new to the system and demand a new approach to deal with them."


"Romney added that, with a two times the number of soldiers surviving injuries than in the past, thanks to combat-ready medical care, the government is faced with a blessing and a problem that will require a new look at long term care for veterans."


"He criticized the Democrats in Congress for admitting defeat in Iraq by holding up funding while trying to set a withdrawal date.

"Romney said there will be a successful outcome from President George W. Bush's troop surge if the Democrats would hang on for the final stage of the country's involvement in Iraq, letting the people get what he called their 'sea legs.'" ...

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