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Governor Thompson: Iraq War May Be Won or Lost This Week

Press Release

Location: Madison, WI

Governor Thompson: Iraq War May Be Won or Lost This Week

Saying it was time for the Iraqi Parliament to democratize oil revenues, former Wisconsin Governor, Tommy Thompson, called on Iraq's elected officials to meet the May 31 deadline and to see that every family in Iraq receive direct payments from the country's oil profits.

"If Iraq fails to pass a revenue sharing law that directly benefits every family in Iraq, then democracy and capitalism in the country will face a bleak future," said Thompson. "Winning the war in Iraq means establishing a functioning democracy among monarchies and dictators. But concentrating oil dollars among governments and oil companies, and leaving the people out, will only lead to the same old 'top down' system that has already failed."

Thompson has traveled the country on the campaign trail taking his three part plan to win the war in Iraq. His plan includes sharing oil revenues directly with Iraqi families, establishing states that elect local, independent leaders and encouraging the Al Maliki government to hold a vote in Parliament to establish whether the duly elected government of the people wants the United States to stay or go.

"In the short term, we have to calm the situation in Iraq. My plan is the best chance to start down that path," said Thompson.

Thompson believes his message on Iraq is partly responsible for his positive movement in recent polls. The most recent Des Moines Register poll showed Giuliani and McCain falling while Thompson and Romney gained.

"Republicans are hungry for hope that there is a solution for Iraq. I believe there is, but we cannot force it on the Iraqis, they have to want it. It's time for their government to set aside regional differences and pass an oil revenue sharing law that will benefit everyone, the federal government, regional governments but especially the people of Iraq. It would be a shame to come this far and do little more than enrich politicians and oil companies," said Thompson. "If they let this critical deadline pass without a new law, it should cause our government serious concern as far as future funding."

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