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Democrat Budget: Tax and Spend All Over Again


Location: Washington, DC

Democrat Budget: Tax and Spend All Over Again

Rep. Tom Price (GA-06-R) issued the following statement after Democrats passed a budget resolution that expands the government and raises taxes on the American people.

"This Democrat budget reflects a belief that our fiscal problems are the result of the American people not sending enough money to Washington rather than Washington spending too much," said Price. "The American people have given more than enough. This budget will only lead to massive and irresponsible tax hikes."

"The American people deserve leadership in Washington that does not pass the difficult decisions on to the next generation. By ignoring needed entitlement reforms and expanding spending wherever possible, this budget is merely letting today's large problem become tomorrow's colossal nightmare.

"There are ways to balance our budget, but it is not on the backs of the American taxpayers. We must stop finding ways to afford bigger government!"

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