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Rep. Calvert Statement on Senate Immigration Bill


Location: Washington, DC


Today Congressman Ken Calvert (R-CA) issued the following statement on the Senate immigration bill:

"My position on illegal immigration remains the same: I will not support a bill that provides amnesty. The Senate ‘compromise' attempts to dress amnesty up in colorful language and bury it in the 300 page bill, but make no mistake the legislation as written would provide legal status to the estimated 12 million illegally in our country. This is amnesty and I will not support the Senate bill.

"The American people have not asked much from their government. They want Congress to demonstrate we can control the border and provide interior enforcement. Last Congress, House Republicans passed the Secure Fence Act which authorized 700 miles of fencing along the southern border. The Senate bill would require only 370 miles of that fence be built in addition to granting amnesty. The American people also want Congress to demonstrate an effective employment verification system. The Basic Pilot Program, created by legislation I wrote, has been improving and expanding for the last decade. It is imperative that we move this program forward and require all employers to check the legal status of newly hired employees. The Senate bill only requires that the employment verification ‘tool' be available to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), however the legislation does not it to be used.

"Unfortunately, the Senate bill places the wishes of illegal immigrants and special interest groups above those of American citizens. I will not support this bill and will do everything I can to prevent its passage."

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