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McCaul Says NO to Amnesty

Press Release

Location: Austin, TX

McCaul Says NO to Amnesty

Members of the United States Senate have announced a deal to allow more than 12 million illegal immigrants, already in the United States, to start down a path to citizenship and be granted amnesty for their border crossing crimes. Tenth Congressional District Congressman Michael McCaul reacted to the deal, in its current form, with strong disagreement.

"As the Fort Dix terror plot demonstrated last week, illegal immigration is clearly a homeland security issue," stated Congressman Michael McCaul. He went on to say, "Granting amnesty rewards lawbreakers and legalizes millions of criminals and terror suspects who are currently in the U.S. illegally, making it that much easier for them to operate within our society undetected. The Senate's amnesty proposal will only serve to weaken the security of our homeland."

The Senate proposal, which is not in final form, calls for illegal immigrants to receive a visa, pay a fine and therefore, within 8 years, receive full citizenship with all the privileges which come with being a citizen of the United States. The proposal also allows for in-state tuition and prevailing wages for illegal immigrants. And while the legislation does call for border security, it is not the first priority.

"Amnesty should not be a consideration for illegal immigrants in anyway. But, for the Senate to put it before border security shows a lack of priorities," stated McCaul. He went on to say, "I strongly and simply oppose the measure in its current form."

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