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A Call For Leadership In The House

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

A CALL FOR LEADERSHIP IN THE HOUSE -- (House of Representatives - May 24, 2007)

Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, I rise this morning in a continuing call for responsible leadership in this House.

It has now been 107 days since the President called for Congress to produce a supplemental bill that will adequately fund the war on terror. And after more than 3 months of political theater and grandstanding, we have a leadership that hasn't produced anything. A bill will come before us today, hopefully that will fund the troops, and quite simply this will hurt our men and women in uniform.

These are not my words but those of a sergeant first class from Tennessee serving in Iraq who wrote to me recently. She has said this, and she is frustrated with some of the things in Iraq but is committed to her duty. And I would like to quote from her letter.

She writes, ``I believe that before Congress keeps pushing to get us out of here just to get their sons and daughters home, they need to take a step back, talk to the soldiers.'' She continues, ``I have lost several good friends, brothers and sisters in arms, to this place, but I do not want my children to come back here and clean up this mess if I had the capability to take care of it myself. I know that if we pull out now, the next generation will be right back here to finish what we did not, because too many people are worried about their own political agenda. I am proud to be an American soldier, doing my job to protect my country and help others.''

God bless this soldier, and God bless all who with her serve.

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