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Leadership Is Not As It Appears, It's As It Performs

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

LEADERSHIP IS NOT AS IT APPEARS, IT'S AS IT PERFORMS -- (House of Representatives - May 23, 2007)

Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, you know, leadership is not as it appears; leadership is as it performs. And what the American people want to see is us performing and solving problems for them, addressing the issues that affect them, not window dressing. And window dressing is a lot of what we've done since the Democrats took control of the Chamber, brought forward their ``Six for '06,'' and by the way, not one single bill has been signed into law.

A few other things. We've named a lot of post offices. Today we are going to have a supposed price-gouging bill. But you know, the harder thing would be to really address production, exploration, distribution, innovation in the oil and energy industry to make certain that we have a sustainable supply.

And by the way, it's been 106 days since the President sent us a request for emergency spending, and finally we are going to get a bill that can be signed into law.

Leadership is not as it appears, it is as it performs. Let's solve problems for the American people.

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