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Issue Position: Secure Our Borders

Issue Position


Every day thousands of illegal aliens are pouring across our southern border. Whatever their motivation for coming here, they are breaking the law. Historically we have prided ourselves on being a nation based on the "rule of law." But in this case our government is shirking its responsibility to enforce the law.

This colossal and willing failure to secure our borders is unconscionable.

Our national security, and that of your family, is threatened. In this day of international terrorism, we must know who is coming into the United States and why they are here. We must insist that they come legally. And we must deport those who break our laws!

Furthermore, it is outrageous to expect the taxpayers of the United States to shoulder the burden of paying for various services for illegal aliens. Simply put our policy should be: no government benefits for illegal aliens!

Finally, we must stop the practice of "birthright citizenship" whereby the babies born to illegal aliens in the United States are automatically American citizens. This is ridiculous. It has been estimated that for each of these "anchor babies" another eight illegal relatives come into the country.

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