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Honoring the Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project of South Florida

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


* Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Madam Speaker, I would like to call your attention to the Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project of South Florida, whose efforts on behalf of so many families in my Congressional district should be applauded. This program has partnered with local schools in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the fourth largest school district in the country, to address the growing number of social issues affecting our children.

* Many social challenges facing students today are felt away from home, oftentimes in the classroom. By offering interactive workshops at local schools, students gain an understanding of how to deal with situations they have already faced or may soon encounter. These circumstances range from instances of bullying and peer aggression to cases of sexual harassment and abuse. Often times, these topics are not comfortable for students to deal with, making CAP's role vital for the social well-being of our children.

* As a mother of two girls currently attending college, I understand how important these programs can be in making parents and loved ones feel more comfortable about their children's education. With enrollment at schools growing, classroom sizes have increased nationwide at our public schools. This has made it more difficult for teachers to enforce respectable and cordial behavior. Therefore, it is imperative that schools and teachers receive proper support from outside specialists like CAP.

* CAP's range of expertise extends beyond the classroom. Counseling can be crucial for children in the unfortunate circumstance of neglect and abuse at home. In cases of sexual harassment and abuse, counseling at school is sometimes the only outlet for children. This makes CAP's role even greater in South Florida's schools.

* Since 1984, CAP has provided abuse prevention strategies to over 270,000 children, families and teachers in Miami-Dade County. Abuse prevention workshops oftentimes provide children with the tools necessary to protect themselves from conflicts, either at school or at home. The Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project of South Florida provides a great example of community organizations working together with schools to improve learning environments for our children.

* Once again, I commend CAP for its efforts on behalf of so many in my community.

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