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Statement by Rep. Garrett on Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Proposal

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Statement by Rep. Garrett on Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Proposal

In response to the misguided proposal negotiated between the White House and key Senators on the issue of illegal immigration, Congressman Garrett made the following statement:

"To my mind, this so-called compromise is a non-starter. First, it fails to ensure operational control of our borders, compromising nothing but our safety. And, all the while it grants amnesty to millions who broke the law to cut in line in front of immigrants who spent many years and dollars to be part of the American dream legally.

"I hear from constituents nearly every day who are legal residents or naturalized citizens who bought into American notions of rule of law, equality, and justice. They're the first to sense the extraordinary unfairness of amnesty and they'll be the first to experience that unfairness as well.

"This proposal will first be considered in the Senate and then in the House of Representatives. Rest assured that I will be working hard to see that it is defeated."

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