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Hastings Says No to Tax and Spend Budget

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Hastings Says No to Tax and Spend Budget

The House of Representatives today approved a final budget resolution brought to the floor by Democrats that would increase spending by billions and lead us to the largest tax hike in American history. Congressman Hastings opposed the conference report on the tax-and-spend budget resolution that narrowly passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 214-209. Congressional budget resolutions serve as a broad blueprint for federal spending.

A statement from Congressman Hastings follows:

"This budget calls for billions in new spending and pays for it with massive tax increases on American workers, families and small businesses.

Our budget needs to be balanced, and this can either be accomplished by reducing the amount of money being spent or increasing the amount coming in. Democrats have rejected the option to spend less, and instead are embracing tax hikes in this budget that increases spending now and increases taxes later. This approach translates into bigger government and a higher federal tax bill for American taxpayers.

This budget also falls short on providing tax fairness for Washington and other states with no income tax. In 2004, the Republican Congress allowed Washington state taxpayers the opportunity to deduct states sales tax from their federal tax responsibility for the first time in nearly 20 years. This tax relief has been extended several times and should be made permanent. The Democrat budget offers promises of an extension, but no real action. It says the state sales tax deduction should be extended - but if and only if billions of dollars suddenly appear."

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