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Statement on Prescription Drug Senate Vote

Location: Unknown

November 25, 2003
For Immediate Release

John Kerry said, "I cancelled my campaign schedule to return to Washington to fight tooth and nail against this special interest giveaway with a Senate filibuster. We lost that critical vote and I returned to Iowa to take the fight for real, affordable prescription drug relief to the country as I run for President. I fought to stop this special interest giveaway because it offers the wrong prescription for America's seniors. "

"I am traveling on a bus today in Iowa with seniors who understand that this bill is a raw deal and who want to replace George W Bush with a President who has the courage to fight for real prescription drug benefits that helps our seniors, instead of lining the pockets of drug companies and insurance companies. This vote was a big win for drug companies and a loss for America's seniors. Seniors are going to find out that they were misled by the Bush Administration when they begin to feel the effects of a bill that does not give them more affordable prescription drugs or a quality Medicare plan that allows them to choose their own doctors and their own hospitals. I ask all seniors to stand with me as we take a stand against this sham."

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