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Supporting the Goals and Ideals of National Correctional Officers and Employees Week

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


* Mr. HOLDEN. Mr. Speaker, as a co-chair of the Congressional Correctional Officers Caucus, I rise today to honor correctional officers and employees of correctional facilities across our country.

* May 6, 2007 kicked off the National Correctional Officers and Employees Week. Throughout the week, correctional officers will be here in Washington to speak with their elected officials, present awards to officers whose exceptional service merits special recognition, and honor the memory of fallen comrades who had made the ultimate sacrifice while on duty.

* I am proud to sponsor House Resolution 264, along with my colleagues, the gentleman from New Jersey, Mr. LOBIONDO, the gentleman from Indiana, Mr. ELLSWORTH, and the gentleman from Virginia, Mr. DAVIS. H. Res. 264 is a bipartisan resolution designed to honor correctional officers and employees by acknowledging and supporting the goals and ideals of National Correctional Officers and Employees Week. The resolution directly honors correctional workers at all levels, local, State and Federal, including psychologists, chaplains, teachers, and kitchen staff.

* Correctional facilities are a critical component of our public safety and criminal justice systems. We rely on correctional facilities to mend the behavior of certain members of our society. To do that, these facilities must rely on correctional officers and other personnel who are highly trained to work in a challenging and often dangerous environment. Before coming to Congress I had the honor of working alongside these men and women when I served as a probation officer and then Sheriff of Schuylkill County, which houses a Federal and state prison. The respect I gained for these public servants is indescribable and I thank them for the countless ways they benefit our communities.

* Correctional officers and staff work each day to protect society from the threat of criminal activity. They risk their lives ensuring that we are safe. They maintain order in a dangerous place and ensure the basic needs of one of the most difficult groups in society are addressed. Mr. Speaker, it is not often that we get the opportunity to thank them for the good work they do and I commend my colleagues in the House or Representatives for passing House Resolution 264.

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