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Northup Response to Fletcher TV Ad Distortions

Press Release

Location: Louisville, KY

Yesterday Ernie Fletcher went on the attack with his new television ad, misleading voters into thinking that Anne Northup voted against school prayer and for a massive tax increase.

"I've supported school prayer on numerous occasions and Ernie Fletcher knows that, yet he has called into question my faith in God," Northup said. "I am disappointed that he would resort to such a personal attack. As a Christian, I am astonished that he has chosen to deceive the voters into thinking I am against school prayer."

On school prayer:

Anne has consistently supported school prayer and continues to support allowing young people to pray in school. Back in 1998 she voted against a bill that would have allowed teachers who are not of the same faith as students to express a religious message that is not accepted by the students or their parents.

On a tax increase:

Fletcher is also failing to tell the full story when he says that Anne voted for a tax increase in 1990 while serving in the State House. The bill he's referring to was legislation to reform Kentucky's failing education system. Kentucky's children deserve the best education opportunities possible. Only a desperate Ernie Fletcher would stoop so low as to make school reforms into a political charge.

It is ironic that Ernie Fletcher would attack a vote that has measured positive results when 2 years ago he implemented a tax increase on Kentucky's small businesses for no other reason than to fill the state government's coffers.

Ernie Fletcher is at it again, saying anything he wants with no regard to the truth. At this point he will do anything to save himself politically.

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