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Governor Huntsman Calls Special Election

Press Release

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Governor Jon Huntsman issued an Executive Order today, calling for a statewide special election on the referendum challenge of HB 148 in November.

"This will allow the voters to voice their opinions as soon as logistically possible," Governor Huntsman said. "I encourage all Utahns to study the issues and consider this referendum as part of municipal elections in November."

The language of the Executive Order is as follows:


Calling a statewide special election for November 6, 2007, and directing that the referendum challenging House Bill 148*Education Vouchers be submitted to the voters at that special election.

WHEREAS, the Constitution of Utah reserves to the people of the State of Utah the power to require that any law passed by the legislature, except those passed by a two-thirds vote of the members elected to each house of the legislature, be submitted to the voters, as provided by statute, before the law may take effect (Article VI, Section 1);

WHEREAS, the Utah Code specifies the requirements for circulating, certifying, and qualifying referendum petitions (Title 20A, Chapter 7, Part 3);

WHEREAS, on April 30, 2007, Lieutenant Governor Gary R. Herbert declared the petition challenging House Bill 148*Education Vouchers "sufficient" with more than the statutorily required number of signatures; and,

WHEREAS, the Utah Code authorizes the governor to call statewide special elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November (Sections 20A-1-203 and 204);

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., Governor of the State of Utah, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Utah do hereby order that:

1. A statewide special election shall be conducted, in the manner provided by law, on November 6, 2007.
2. The purpose of the statewide special election is to consider the referendum challenging House Bill 148*Education Vouchers.
3. The election officials of this state shall submit the referendum challenging House Bill 148*Education Vouchers to the voters at that statewide special election.

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