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DeMint Touts Principles for Responsible Immigration Reform

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

DeMint Touts Principles for Responsible Immigration Reform

Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) joined U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) and Reagan administration Attorney General Ed Meese to announce principles for responsible immigration reform.

"Emotions are running high on both sides of the immigration debate, but Congress needs to move forward with responsible immigration reform based on principle not politics," said Senator DeMint. "We have the opportunity for a bipartisan solution, but it must respect the rule of law and reject amnesty. We also must streamline our legal system in a way that honors our nation's immigrant heritage and balances the needs of our economy with a true temporary guest worker program."

DeMint outlined the four principles of responsible immigration reform:

• First, national security must be the number one priority. This requires improvements in border security and workplace enforcement.

• Second, immigration must be a net gain for our country, not a net loss. This requires attracting those with the skills and enterprise, creating a responsible temporary guest worker program, and putting responsible limits on the burdens immigrants place on American taxpayers.

• Third, we must not grant amnesty. Illegal immigrants cannot be given legal permanent residency or citizenship without first returning to their home country and getting right with the law.

• Fourth, we must encourage assimilation, which has always been a strength of America. This means teaching immigrants what it truly means to be an American citizen.

Attorney General Meese today released a new Heritage Foundation report he co-authored entitled, "Where We Stand: Essential Requirements for Immigration Reform."

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