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Small Business Fairness in Contracting Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

SMALL BUSINESS FAIRNESS IN CONTRACTING ACT -- (House of Representatives - May 09, 2007)


Mr. LARSON of Connecticut. Mr. Chairman, I regret that I could not be present today because of a family medical situation and I would like to submit this statement for the record in support of H.R. 1873, the Small Business Fairness in Contracting Act.

All too often mega contracts are too large for small business to compete for in the federal marketplace. Last year, the federal government spent more than $417 billion on goods and services in over 8 million contracts in 2006, of which small businesses won about $80 billion (22 percent). Of the $80 billion for small business contracts, $12 billion was actually awarded to large businesses, not small businesses.

For the past six years, the federal government has failed to meet its 23 percent small business contracting goal. The bill before the House today would create a fair and open federal contracting system, that would ensure all small businesses have an equal opportunity to secure government contracts. This bill would increase the government-wide goal for small-business participation in federal contracts, limit the ability of federal agencies to bundle small projects into large contracts, and require the Small Business Administration to take steps to reduce erroneous entries in the government's contractor registry. The Small Businesses Fairness in Contracting Act would require no less than 25 percent, an increase from 23 percent, of all contracts be awarded to small-business in a fiscal year. It would also increase the government-wide goal for procurement for small disadvantaged and women-owned businesses to 8 percent from 5 percent.

This bill is a vital step for America's 26 million small businesses, including Connecticut's 341,000 small businesses. It is an investment in our nation's small businesses. For every $1 invested, small businesses will contribute $7 to the economy. I call upon my colleagues to join me in supporting a bill that supports a vital national interest--America's small businesses and economy.


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