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Nunes Returns From Iraq Visit

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Nunes Returns From Iraq Visit

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Visalia) arrived in Washington DC today following a three day trip to Iraq and Kuwait.

“The courage and determination of American servicemen and women throughout Iraq demonstrates the strength of our nation and should offer proof to war critics that we have not lost,” said Rep. Nunes. “Our Generals and the brave men and women under their command do not believe we have lost and they are looking to Congress for support so they can complete their mission.”

The House of Representatives voted to withdrawal forces from Iraq in an emergency spending bill on April 26th. The bill included $20 billion in domestic non-military spending, which Democrat leaders found necessary to secure passage of the unpopular bill. A Presidential veto is expected.

“The failure of Democrat leadership in Congress to make difficult decisions has resulted in an unprecedented effort to control the war from Capitol Hill. Speaker Pelosi lacks the courage to give us a clean up or down vote on whether to fund our soldiers. Instead, Pelosi and her leadership team are defying their Constitutional duty and pretending to be war Generals,” said Nunes.

“Some have mischaracterized our efforts in Iraq as a second Vietnam. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only similarity between these conflicts can be found in the Halls of Congress, where liberal anti-war leaders are again trying to legislate defeat. Democrat leaders have described their efforts as a slow bleed strategy. It is more accurately described as a policy of reckless disregard of the threats we face from terrorists who have chosen as their battleground,” said Nunes.

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