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Deal Applauds President Bush On Health Care Initiatives But Opposes Amnesty Proposals

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Deal Applauds President Bush on Health Care Initiatives but Opposes Amnesty Proposals

Congressman Nathan Deal (R-GA) issued the following statement in response to President Bush's State of the Union address:

"I was pleased to hear President Bush address the growing problem of the cost of Health Insurance and the uninsured population in this country. Rising healthcare costs have made health insurance coverage inaccessible to many Americans while families with insurance coverage have had to dedicate more of their budgets to health related expenses. I look forward to further evaluating the President's proposal for a $15,000 tax deduction for families with health insurance and proudly support his effort to let Americans make decisions about their own healthcare rather than having those choices made in Washington; creating a new Federal entitlement is not the answer. I am anxious to work with the Democrats on the President's proposal and hope that we can move towards an affordable healthcare system which allows Americans to take ownership of their healthcare choices."

"However, I strongly disagree with President Bush's call for comprehensive immigration legislation which will provide amnesty for millions of illegal aliens who have broken our laws by illegally entering and residing in the United States. I have always and will continue to fervently oppose amnesty legislation." As a senior Member of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, Rep. Deal is recognized as a leading voice in the fight to end the flow of illegal immigration by actively supporting legislation to strengthen our nation's borders while empowering local law enforcement authorities to enforce immigration laws. At the same time, Mr. Deal has fought for legislation which would end the practice of granting birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

"It is my strong belief that Congress must pass enforcement first legislation which is why I voted for the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act which passed the House in December 2005. Until we enact legislation which strengthens our borders and better enforces current immigration laws we will be unable to properly address our illegal immigration problems. It is critical we begin construction of the border fence which was authorized by Congress last year." Earlier this year Rep. Deal, along with thirty-seven other Members, wrote to President Bush urging him to continue funding construction of the fence along the southern border. "It is absolutely absurd to think we would discuss amnesty legislation before we have finalized efforts to defend and protect our own borders. As with any proposed legislation, I will keep an open mind through the legislative process but I refuse to compromise my conservative values" Deal stated.

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