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MSNBC Scarborough Country - Transcript

Location: Palm Beach, FL

MSNBC Scarborough Country - Transcript
November 14, 2003 Friday


BYLINE: Joe Scarborough

GUESTS: Zell Miller; Norman Schwarzkopf; Lindsey Graham; James Woolsey; David Horowitz; Edwin Meese; Ed Schultz; Bernard Goldberg; Roy Moore

Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore discusses being removed from the Alabama Supreme Court. Is Rush Limbaugh ready to return to the airwaves? Former General Norman Schwarzkopf discusses the situation in Iraq.



SCARBOROUGH: We're back in Palm Beach, Florida, with Senator Zell Miller and Lindsey Graham.

And, Senator Miller, you were just telling me that this is how your backyard looks in Georgia.


SCARBOROUGH: That is a nice tux. Again, I just can't get over it.

You wrote a great book, "A National Party No More." It talks about how the Democrats have lost their way over the past 10, 15 years. Yes, if we can put the book up, an incredible book.

What do the Democrats have to do to win in 2004 and beyond?

MILLER: Well, they have to change their strategy right quick, for one thing. And I don't think they are going to.

They have adopted the worst feature of a McGovern campaign, peace at any price, and the worst feature of a Mondale campaign, we are going to raise your taxes. And they have given us a double-feature that I don't think is going to play very well at the box office in 2004. And, to varying degrees, every single one of them are taking that position.

SCARBOROUGH: And who would you pick-if you were in charge of the Democratic Party, who would you select as a Democrat to make the party a national party once again and win some states in the South? Is there anybody out there right now?

MILLER: Are you talking about the ones who are offering right now or others?

SCARBOROUGH: No, no, no. I am talking who would you pick, anybody you could pick out there?

MILLER: Evan Bayh.

SCARBOROUGH: Evan Bayh understands how to win not only in the Midwest, but also in the South?

MILLER: He understands how to win. That's right.

And a man who is a moderate and who has governed well for eight years one of the most progressive states, has a fine, outstanding record in the Senate. But he's not running, you see.


Now, Lindsey Graham, you and I both came from districts where Republicans didn't win since the Civil War.

GRAHAM: Right.

SCARBOROUGH: In 30 seconds, there's still a lot of Republicans that would vote Democrat if the right candidate came along, isn't there?

GRAHAM: Yes, but the gap is getting wider, not smaller.

Howard Dean has no idea of what he is talking about. People in the South are pretty much a lost cause, unless there's dramatic reform. The Democratic Party needs to read Zell's book.

SCARBOROUGH: They do need to read Zell's book. And as much as it may upset a lot of Republicans, they need to take a couple of pointers from Bill Clinton and the way he ran in 1992.

GRAHAM: You know what? Republicans need to read Zell's book.


SCARBOROUGH: Everybody needs to read Zell's book.


MILLER: There's a lot wisdom intelligent book.

SCARBOROUGH: It really is-it's incredible. It's "A National Party No More."

And we will be right back to talk about the filibuster that all of Washington is talking about.


SCARBOROUGH: Hey, we're back and we're live from Florida.

And we have got an amazing panel with us tonight. We've got Senator Zell Miller-I should say best-selling author Zell Miller-and Lindsey Graham.

All right, I want to ask you, Lindsey Graham, everybody has been following the debate in Washington, D.C.

GRAHAM: The filibuster

SCARBOROUGH: The filibuster. Tell me what's going on and tell me about your lawsuit.

GRAHAM: Every nominee that is being blocked from getting a vote has a majority.

The Constitution says that you'll advise and consent by majority vote. The filibuster rule of the Senate is being abused. I think the filibuster rule is changing the constitutional standard. I intend, if nothing changes soon, to take the case to the Supreme Court. And the question is very simple. By having a filibuster of a judge requiring 60 votes, have you, in effect, by Senate rule, changed the constitutional standard? I believe the Constitution trumps any rule of the Senate.

And I have a co-plaintiff with me sitting right beside me. Zell Miller-this is news, Joe-is going to join the lawsuit. Senator Hatch is going to join the lawsuit. And the original partner in this is Saxby Chambliss from Georgia. I predict there will be more senators asking the question of the Supreme Court, is a filibuster of a judge constitutional?

SCARBOROUGH: And, Senator, we only have 15 seconds left.

But the bottom line here is, they are not letting you all vote on whether these people become judges or not.

MILLER: Right.

GRAHAM: They are not even giving us an up-or-down vote. And that's all we're asking. I think we got a good case. And I congratulate these folks for bringing this suit.

SCARBOROUGH: All right, and I congratulate you on having the No. 4 best-selling book, "A National Party No More."

And Lindsey Graham is flacking it for him.


GRAHAM: Twenty-six bucks, best deal out there.

SCARBOROUGH: It's huge. It's huge.

We appreciate you all being with us tonight from the beautiful Breakers.

I want to thank Marty Alzberger (ph) -- I hope I said that name right-and everybody at the Breakers for their hospitality tonight.

We'll see on Monday. Have a great weekend.

Content and programming copyright 2003 MSNBC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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