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Illegal Immigration

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BAKER. Madam Speaker, in 1986 the United States Congress passed an Immigration Reform Act. As a result, 2.7 million illegal immigrants were given amnesty. That translated immediately into 2.7 million reasons why anyone who wishes to come here should come here illegally.

Last week, in the storm-ravaged Katrina area, 88 illegal immigrants were arrested, 13 of whom had criminal felony convictions.

This is no longer just a minor problem. It is a taxpayer tragedy. Limited taxpayer resources are being stretched to meet the repair and rebuilding needs of the Katrina/Rita areas. To have those resources dissipated for those who ignore our law and come here illegally is not only a disservice to the American taxpayer, but to all the immigrants who play by the rules, who abide by American law and come here through the normal immigration process. It is time for this to come to an end. It is no longer an inconvenience. It is a tragedy.

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