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Kerry Says Bush Veto Ignores Will of Congress, Prolongs Misguided Iraq Policy

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Kerry Says Bush Veto Ignores Will of Congress, Prolongs Misguided Iraq Policy

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) issued the following statement today, after President Bush vetoed the war funding legislation that includes a firm deadline for the redeployment of most US troops out of Iraq next year.

"By vetoing this bill, the President is ignoring the majority in both the House and Senate who voted to end the disastrous open-ended Bush policy by setting a sensible deadline for the redeployment of troops," Kerry said. "President Bush is unwilling to recognize reality. It's as if he still believes the version of events pedaled by Vice President Cheney. He refuses to set firm benchmarks tied to a redeployment because he is still unwilling to force the Iraqi government to make the political compromises needed to end their civil war. President Bush asks too little of Iraqi politicians while asking for the greatest sacrifice from American troops."

"The irony of President Bush declaring "mission accomplished" in Iraq four years ago today was not lost on anyone in Congress. What the president doesn't understand is that the only way to actually accomplish the mission is to change the strategy. More of the same won't cut it. Congress has done what this administration has stubbornly refused to do for years - accept a new strategy, get tough with the Iraqis and bring our heroes home. No matter how many times the President vetoes this plan, we will continue to fight for a new policy."

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