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We Only Have One Commander in Chief for a Reason

Location: Washington, DC

We Only Have One Commander in Chief for a Reason

I, like many other Americans, was outraged at Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid's statement that "this war is lost." No one in Congress, nor anyone in America wants our troops to be fighting and dying in Iraq. We all want our soldiers home. We want our soldiers home soon, we want them home safely, and we want them home successful in their mission. Americans don't want to lose in Iraq.

Apparently Sen. Reid is satisfied with us losing in Iraq. Is this the message Congressional leadership should send to our troops, our allies, our enemies and the American people? This is also the man who last week criticized the Supreme Court of the United States for upholding a law banning partial-birth abortion - a law for which he voted in 2003. Apparently, he was for it before he was against it. This is about as far from my definition of leadership as you can get.

It is true that our mission in Iraq has shifted. We were successful in removing the evil regime of Saddam Hussein. That was our primary objective. Now we are faced with a new mission and a new objective - ensuring a safe, secure, self-governing Iraq. When our troops - in concert with the Iraqi forces - have secured the country and put it in a position to operate democratically and protect itself, then our next mission will have been accomplished.

A premature retreat from Iraq will create a power vacuum. Does Senator Reid think that vacuum will be filled by a regime which is friendly to the U.S.? That vacuum will be filled by Islamic extremists who wish our country harm. Those terrorists will have a home base (funded by the country's oil supply) from which to attack us and our allies. We need to fight and defeat the Islamic extremists there so that we don't fight them here.

If these comments from Senator Reid are indicative of what we can expect when a Member of Congress thinks they are the Commander in Chief, it is clear why the Founding Fathers empowered one Commander in Chief - not 535.

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