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Pass A Clean Bill

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

PASS A CLEAN BILL -- (House of Representatives - April 24, 2007)

Mrs. BLACKBURN. Madam Speaker, the liberal leadership of this Congress put the lives of our soldiers in the field in a very difficult, very difficult position. When they passed the supplemental bill earlier this month, they loaded it up with pork. Actually, the bill sounds more like a shopping list. There is money for spinach and for fish and for peanut storage. A lot of pork, and it is something that does not do a service to our military.

But what the leadership did was to make an offer that couldn't be refused to a lot of Members. They claim to support the military, but in the bill what they are doing is tying the hands of the military by inserting a timetable for withdrawal and taking the power away from the commanders in the field. Majority Senate leader Harry Reid didn't help when he considered that the war was lost. That is the message that he is sending to our troops and to the terrorists alike, that everybody ought to give up.

American citizens need to ask themselves, is defeat an option? What would happen if we were to leave?

What we need to do is let the soldiers do their jobs, us do ours, pass a clean bill, and send it to the President.

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