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Commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day and Reflecting Upon the Genocide in Darfur

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


* Ms. WASSERMAN SCHULTZ. Madam Speaker, last Sunday marked Holocaust Remembrance Day, which honors the memory of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust during World War II. We are now in the midst of the Days of Remembrance established by the United States Congress as our Nation's commemoration of these victims. We remember the Holocaust so that the lessons and responsibilities left from this tragedy are not lost.

* Always, but especially now, it is imperative that we remember and take action against the genocide that is currently taking place in Darfur. As we look to the past to remember those that perished at the hand of Nazi Germany, we must not forget the 2,500,000 Darfurian civilians targeted and displaced because of their ethnic or racial identity or the more than 300,000 people killed thus far. Tragically, over 1,600 villages have been destroyed by Sudanese government soldiers and government-backed militias. The growing number of destroyed homes and lives is a testament to the fact that simply remembering is not enough.

* Madam Speaker, as you know, children are among the most helpless victims of any genocide. One million of the six million Jews that were killed in the Holocaust were children. Jewish children were targeted by the Nazi regime, and now the children of Darfur suffer the brutal effects that burning villages, shootings, rapes, and the search for refuge have on the youngest victims of this tragedy.

* My heart is warmed by the work of grassroots organizations in South Florida and across the country that bring attention to the crisis in Darfur. We must heed the lessons of Holocaust Remembrance Day and make sure that another Holocaust never happens again. Racially inspired hatred has surfaced many times in the decades since the Holocaust, and it is our duty to stop the disaster in Darfur and make it the last genocide of the 21st century.

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