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Statement by Senator John Kerry on the Eve of Earth Day

Press Release

Location: Boston, MA

Statement by Senator John Kerry on the Eve of Earth Day

Senator John Kerry made the following statement on the 37th Anniversary of Earth Day, Sunday, April 22. Senator Kerry spent the weekend joining thousands of volunteers to clean up of trash along the banks of the Charles River in Boston. Senator Kerry will also discuss his new book This Moment on Earth, which tells the stories of people across the country who have taken on environmental challenges and made a difference in their communities.

"This weekend as we celebrate Earth Day, I am reminded of how great our responsibility is to take care of our environment," Senator Kerry said. "For our children and our children's children, we must make the hard choices today that will protect our natural resources and combat the immediate and real threat of global climate change.

"Every one of us can do something. I have been inspired by the stories of Cheryl Osimo and Ellen Parker on Cape Cod who refused to remain silent and studied the links between environmental dangers and an alarming rate of breast cancer in their area. And the Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Program which is renovating parks in Roxbury, has also improved public transportation and engaged young people to become environmental leaders in their community. Everyday, we can all do our part -- it can be as simple as switching to energy efficient light bulbs in homes, using environmentally safe cleaning products, and recycling.

"Thirty seven years ago, I celebrated the first Earth Day in Massachusetts. Back then, environmental activism was still very much on the fringe. Today, these issues are some of the most important ones facing our country, despite the effort of opponents to turn the word "environmentalist" into a political insult. We've made important progress in the passage of the Clean Water and Clean Air Act, but we have real challenges ahead of us. Americans deserve leadership that will fight to invest in alternative energy and clean coal, promote conservation and fuel efficiency, and finally free America from a dangerous dependence on foreign oil. Today, we must mobilize towards real action on the environment, and I look forward to continuing this fight."

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