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Brownback to Highlight Ethical Stem Cell Options

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Brownback to Highlight Ethical Stem Cell Options

U.S. Senator Sam Brownback today will join the Senate floor debate on two stem cell research bills, one that uses taxpayer funds for embryonic stem cell research and one that promotes ethical alternatives to such research.

"I look forward to highlighting the fact that adult stem cell research, which does not destroy young human lives, has yielded real treatments for patients in need," said Brownback. "I welcome the opportunity for a full and open debate which raises a basic question: should we use taxpayer dollars to fund research that many people, including myself, consider unethical because it destroys young human lives? Or should we focus federal research funding on ethical alternatives that carry more clinical promise?"

Since 2002 the federal government has spent $132 million on human embryonic stem cell research, and there is no ban on privately-funded human embryonic stem cell research.

Brownback is opposed to S.5, the Reid-Harkin Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, and supports S.30, the Coleman-Isakson HOPE Act.

Brownback authored on op-ed on stem cell research which was published today in USA Today.

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