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Patrick-Murray Administration Committed to Making Massachusetts a World Leader in Stem Cell Research

Press Release

Location: Cambridge, MA

Governor Asks Department of Public Health to Ensure Stem Cell Regulations are in Sync with New Stem Cell Law

Joining the Commonwealth's top scientific researchers and business leaders today, Governor Deval Patrick announced his administration's commitment to making Massachusetts a world leader in stem cell research.

At a meeting of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Collaborative Governor Patrick said he and Health and Human Services Secretary JudyAnn Bigby will ask the Department of Public Health to revisit the regulations approved last year that guide the conduct of stem cell research in Massachusetts to ensure scientists can perform their research uninhibited.

"I believe that life sciences should be guided by science and not ideological politics," Governor Patrick said. "Stem cell research should proceed both from the economic and humanitarian perspective and I am committed to that. I want science to prevail. And I want the opportunity for healing and hope to be preeminent."

A review of the regulations is the first step in the Patrick Administration's plan to promote stem cell research. The Governor also announced today that he is exploring funding options to foster research.

Stem cell research has the potential to cure genetic diseases like juvenile diabetes, ALS, and Multiple Sclerosis.

States such as California, Connecticut, New Jersey and Illinois have enacted stem cell laws to encourage the practice of this science. None of those states have banned the creation of embryos by scientists for research purposes.

The Governor will continue to work with Secretary Bigby, Housing and Economic Development Secretary Dan O'Connell, researchers, and other stakeholders to create and environment that will secure Massachusetts' rightful place at the forefront of stem cell research and the life sciences.

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