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Mack: Democrats Wrong to Play Politics With Troops


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14) issued the following statement today following passage of the Democrats' "emergency" war spending plan.

Mack said:

"The brave men and women fighting to keep us free deserve the nation's unfettered support. They need the resources to fight and win, and they need them without artificial deadlines and political strings that impose battlefield strategies on commanders that will doom their mission.

"Sadly, that's exactly what the Democrats have done. I voted no on their irresponsible funding bill because pandering politicians have no business making strategic military decisions.

"What's more, the Democrats' plan cuts funding for critical tools for our troops in the field - such as electronic jammers to counter improvised explosive devices, helicopters and other needed hardware - while at the same time funding non-emergency war programs, including tens of millions of dollars for spinach growers and peanut farmers. That's wrong.

"The Democrats promised a bipartisan approach to governing when they took the reins in January. That's a promise they keep failing to keep. And today they've passed a bill that twists reckless policy with pork-barrel politics. The President would be well-justified to veto this reckless legislation."

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