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Governor Leads Health Care Innovation Summit

Press Release

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Health-e Connection Expands ‘Roadmap'

Governor Janet Napolitano continued her drive toward innovation and efficiency in health care, opening the Health-e Connection Summit in Phoenix today. The Governor addressed more than 350 health care professionals, consumers and health care executives on the next steps necessary to further build Arizona's Health-e Connection Roadmap, the state's comprehensive five-year plan for the electronic exchange of health records.

"By using information technology, Arizona's health care industry can improve the quality of care, while realizing increased efficiency and cost savings," said Governor Napolitano. "The Arizona Health-e Connection is one of the best examples in the nation of the health care industry coming together to drive innovation in health care services."

Governor Napolitano's Executive Order 2005-25 created the Arizona Health-e Connection, and in April 2006, the Steering Committee delivered the Health-e Connection Roadmap to Governor Napolitano. The Roadmap involves a strong partnership between the state, health care providers and major employers, providing for a swift, electronic exchange of health care information in a way that preserves privacy, but at the same time, promotes the welfare of patients. For example, one goal of Health-e Connection is to ensure that an emergency room doctor has immediate access to a patient's medical history. With current paper-records systems, that kind of information is often difficult to get and takes too much time; as a result, patient care can suffer.

Arizona Health-e Connection has generated significant national attention around health care innovation in Arizona. In June 2006, the state received a grant from the National Governors Association to fund the Arizona Health Privacy Project. In January 2007, Arizona received a federal grant of $12 million to develop and implement electronic records to foster the exchange of health records among health care providers.

The Arizona Health-e Connection Steering Committee recently transitioned from public management to a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

"The Arizona Health-e Connection will continue to provide strategic leadership to Arizona's health care sector," said David Landrith of the Arizona Medical Association and chair of the Health-e Connection. "I look forward to continued partnership between public and private health care stakeholders."

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