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District Of Columbia House Voting Rights Act Of 2007

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOUSE VOTING RIGHTS ACT OF 2007 -- (House of Representatives - March 22, 2007)


Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey. Madam Speaker, as chairman of the Congressional Constitution Caucus and as a Representative of the State of New Jersey, I come to the floor to strongly oppose this unconstitutional taking away, diminution, and reducing of voting rights for citizens of my district in the State of New Jersey.

The sponsors of the bill do this in order to accommodate the equally unconstitutional creation of voting rights in an area of this country that is not a State. And it has been pointed out already that there is a legal and constitutional manner to enfranchise these people of the District of Columbia.

But in section 4.5 of the bill, the sponsor gives some citizens of another State, Utah, two votes in Congress for every one vote for my citizens in the State of New Jersey.

The Founding Fathers of this Nation never intended that one State would be more equal than another State. The Founding Fathers of this country never intended that Congress could strip away rights to vote from my State to give it to another. The Founding Fathers never intended that Congress would create a situation that one State would be second class to another State.

I urge my colleagues from New Jersey to vote against this bill.


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