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Kingston Votes Against Democrat Iraq War Supplemental

Location: Washington, DC


U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) issued the following statement after his vote on H.R. 1591 - the Iraq War Funding bill:

"This is the most controversial bill I've voted on since I've been in Congress," Kingston stated. "It sets arbitrary benchmarks and guidelines for ending U.S. involvement in Iraq. The last thing our troops in the field need is 435 generals in the halls of Congress micromanaging this war. And we certainly don't need to let the terrorists know exactly when they will have free reign in Iraq."

"No country in the world has ever set a date for ending a war. It would be great to be completely out of Iraq by August 2008, but what if the Islamic fascists don't agree to the idea?"

"Not only does this bill tie the hands of our troops, but there is over $23 billion in extracurricular items attached that have absolutely nothing to do with the war in Iraq. There is funding for everything from spinach to the space program to the minimum wage to even debt forgiveness for Liberia. In their attempt to garner votes, the Democrats have promised something to everyone."

"What we need to do is pass a clean bill that gives our troops the support they need to win the War on Terror and allow General Petraeus the time to implement his plan. Already the surge is bringing positive results. Since it began in mid-February, civilian deaths are down more than 500%. Overall bombings are down nearly 40%, specifically car bombings are down nearly 35%. Also, 49% of Iraqis prefer life under Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to living under Saddam and 63% of Iraqis don't believe they are in a civil war."

"But instead of passing a bill that focuses solely on the needs of our troops, the Democrats have chosen to focus on the needs of their own party. I welcome all Members of Congress to come to Ft. Stewart to visit with the troops and their families. Ask the soldiers themselves - who should run the war, the politicians in Washington or the Army Generals in Baghdad?"

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