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Ninth Circuit--Judicial Activism

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

NINTH CIRCUIT--JUDICIAL ACTIVISM -- (House of Representatives - March 13, 2007)

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, for years the Federal courts have drifted towards judicial activism, and nowhere is this dangerous trend more fully embraced than the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Based in San Francisco and covering nine western States, the Ninth Circuit has given us some of the more outrageous decisions in recent memory. These are the folks who say the words ``under God'' are unconstitutional in our pledge. Fortunately for our Nation and our Constitution this mostly Democrat-appointed court isn't the last defense against judicial activism. The U.S. Supreme Court regularly reviews the Ninth Circuit's rulings, and not surprisingly, the high court often overturns them. In fact, in this term the Supreme Court has overturned every Ninth Circuit ruling it has taken up. If you break it out by the votes of the individual Justices, the score is 67 votes to overturn and just five votes to uphold. These are definitely second-string back benchers. It is time they begin interpreting the Constitution, not rewriting it.

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