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Al Gore

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

AL GORE -- (House of Representatives - March 12, 2007)

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, our former Vice President, Al Gore, hasn't gotten so much attention since he invented the Internet.

But behind the Oscars, behind the left's unending praise, behind the fawning media coverage lies the truth. And, unfortunately, that truth is pretty inconvenient.

It seems that one of the biggest violators of Gore's own environmental doctrines is Al Gore himself. While he jets around on the global warming celebrity circuit telling everyone else how to live a greener life, his own home in Tennessee is consuming nearly 20 times the energy of the average American home.

Gore defends this conspicuous consumption by purchasing carbon emission offsets. But he buys those offsets from a company he helped create and he currently chairs.

Mr. Speaker, global warming may or may not be an inconvenient truth. But apparently for Al Gore, practicing what you preach is the most inconvenient thing of all.

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