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Governor Huntsman Announces Agreement to Reduce Waste

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Governor Huntsman Announces Agreement to Reduce Waste

Salt Lake City - Governor Jon Huntsman announced today that EnergySolutions will withdraw its application for a super cell as part of an overall agreement between the waste disposal company and Utah.

"This is a monumental win for Utahns marking the endgame for the in-migration of other states' radioactive waste. Not only are we not going to have a radioactive super cell, but we are reducing the total amount of waste coming to our State," Governor Huntsman said. "I am pleased we were able to work something out that is in the best long-term interest of Utahns without the burden of lengthy and costly litigation."

In securing this agreement, the Governor ensures that Utah will not continue to be the dumping ground for other states' radioactive waste. The agreement reduces the total amount of radioactive waste Utah will receive.

The Agreement is summarized below:

1. Energy Solutions will promptly withdraw the Combined Class A Cell license amendment currently pending before the Utah Board of Radiation Control and its Executive Secretary. This means that no new volumes of radioactive waste will come to Utah.

The previously-approved 11e.(2) disposal cell has an unused capacity of approximately 3.6 million cubic yards (96.2 million cubic feet). EnergySolutions is proposing to convert the unused portion of the cell for disposal of low-level radioactive waste.

This means that there is a net reduction of 116,840,178 cubic feet (4,327,414 cubic yards) of low-level radioactive waste that will not be shipped to Utah. Furthermore, because of the spacing between the 11e.(2) and Converted Class A cells, there will be an additional reduction in volume of radioactive waste. Beyond this agreed to volume, Utah will not accept any additional Class A waste.

2. EnergySolutions re-affirmed that it will not accept Class B or C wastes or waste with higher radionuclide concentrations than previously accepted waste.

3. The Governor proposed to notify the Northwest Interstate Low-Level Waste Compact (Compact) to limit the volume of waste that could be disposed at the EnergySolutions facility. Because EnergySolutions is withdrawing its pending license amendment for the Combined Class A Cell, as indicated above, that reduction in low-level waste volume has been accomplished without notification to the Compact.

The Governor can exercise his authority under the Compact in the future, if EnergySolutions requests a license or license amendment to receive more low-level radioactive waste than is currently approved.

4. The authority and rights of the State of Utah, the Utah Board of Radiation Control, the Board's Executive Secretary, the Compact, and EnergySolutions are not altered by this Agreement. (This encompasses paragraphs 4 & 5 of the Agreement.)

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